Sandbox Builds

Someone great in TF2 Sandbox
The Annoying Dog!
RED House
Windmill House
Big Robot
Action Movie (feat. Sniper)
Cosmetic Test
Finland Basement
Store 2019 Remake
Firewatch Tower
Dark Forest
Citadel from HL2
ddomster's engie shop, in the lake village
Rollermine Hell
prison #9195010680132
Built a bar near spawn. Features a large staircase, a deck, a main room and a kitchen.
A little arena above Blu spawn. Public. About 40 props. Light is brighter than appears.
Ravenholm Pub
Project House
New Sandvich Shop ✅
Merry Christmas to everyone!! ✅😍
Elevator Shaft
Groove Street Save
Special Standard Humanoid Containment Cell - Top was designed to have no collide, however the inside is very tight and inescapable, plus it's completely black to not allow you to have some track of what's going on
Moddage Store
USSR city
House built during an livestream
Aurora Borealis?